March 6, 2015

my photozine "J'. Crime obscene do not cross" is out.

J' is an intimate fiction photozine by Pamela Maddaleno.
published by Gazza(r)ra!
Photographs: Pamela Maddaleno
Design: Léa Neuville
G a z z a r ( r ) a ! Photozine #1
Printed in France, on march 2015.

Format : 16,5x24,5cm
32 pages (photos, texts)
Black & white
Paper 80gr pearl grey
Tracing paper ribbon sealed with red wax
Conserved in a evidence plastic envelop
Limited edition of 150 copies numbered.

The crime scene is the entirety of elements found in the place where a crime occurs and whose inspection allows to reconstruct the dynamics of the events and eventually the discovery the offender. ‘J’ is a series of photographs intended as traces, footprints, places, found remains of a love story.
What is underneath this fragmented exchange, banal but mysterious, icecold but suffering?
Who is the victim and who is the culprit?
What if it was just a monologue with one’s own reflex?
Isn’t love, maybe, looking at ourselves in the mirror? For so long that we end up being on our own. Just like this. As we’ve always been.